About Us

The Sandstone cliffs of the Eastern Free state embody a wonderful but little known historical tale. These sandstone cliffs - in various shades of gold and honey - give the Eastern Free State its distinct look and warm light.


Situated deep in the Eastern Free state the old quarries in Fouriesburg, Lady Brand and Ficksburg were the source of much of the quality sandstone which graces many of South Africa's beautiful historic buildings. Its distinctive character, high quality, durability, and working properties have made sandstone from this area greatly sought after.

The quarries closed when demand for sandstone waned and concrete was king and the area was forgotten.

But the beauty of sandstone is self-evident as it shines golden-yellow in the evening sun and slowly the material was introduced back into buildings by architects and homeowners anxious to introduce natural materials back into homes and buildings. The small quarries were re-opened and new quarries have been developed with a new generation of local residents learning the skills of hand carving the sandstone blocks.

The Sandstone Story® is the marketing arm of these ventures. Every stone is carved using the same techniques used 100 years ago. The stone speaks of workmanship, attention to detail and superior quality.

Sandstone Story® is NHBRC Registered (35629) and BEE Certified (285/08/2010). Export Reg. 20875430