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Amazing Stone Carving

Have a look at the process of carving a garden sculpture from limestone

Caring for Stone

Sandstone cladding is kept clean by brushing the stone with a wet brush. Simply brush stone used on exterior surfaces while rinsing off with a hose pipe.

Natural stone sealers are available should you prefer to seal your sandstone.

Stone cladding applied to add interesting features and textures to your home and office need not be a nightmare to maintain. Most stone cladding requires very little maintenance and with the right care, your stone cladding will remain in a pristine condition for many years.

Not all stone cladding is required to be sealed after application. If you live in a coastal area however, the manufacturer of the stone veneer may recommend that you seal thecladded area after installation. This is merely done to protect your stone veneers from the elements and the additional moisture and salt in the air that may discolour the veneers over time.

Stone veneers used to decorate areas that may be exposed to water for continuous periods of time, will also need to be sealed. This includes areas around a swimming pool that have stone cladding applied as well as water features and rock pools.

Caring for your indoor stone veneers requires little more than a small amount of mild detergent and some water. Ensure the detergent does not contain any acids that may discolour or damage the stone veneer. Dip a soft cloth into the water and detergent, squeeze out the excess water and gently wipe the stone veneers to remove any dust that may gather on them. One could also merely use a soft feather duster without any water to clean and care for your indoor stone veneers.

Stone veneers used on exterior walls will need to be cared for and cleaned more often. One may use a hose pipe to gently wash off any dirt or grime and a brush with soft bristles to get into small areas between the stone veneers. One should never use a hard brush or one with metal bristles, as they may scratch and damage the stone veneers. A mild detergent may also be used for stubborn areas, and should be washed off immediately. Avoid using high powered adaptors attached to your hose pipe, as the force of the water may also damage the stone veneers.Â

Stone Fire Pit

The best summer nights always involve good people, good food, and a space that encourages good conversation. Keep all those good feelings going well into the night with an outdoor fire pit!