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Slate & Slasto Tiles

In South Africa the terms Slasto and Slate are used interchangably. Slasto Paving is almost a home grown indigenous design that is unique to Africa. Slasto or Slate is actually one of the world’s oldest natural products. As a material it has an extremely low water absorbtion index which is why it is often used for roofing. As a natural material that needs very little processing it is a very energy efficient. Slate is incredibly durable: it can last up to several hundred years.

If you are choosing natural stone for your home you cannot go far wrong with natural slate. As a material it is waterproof and fireproof and energy efficient. It requires little or no maintenance.

The water resistant properties of Slate make it an ideal material to use for bathrooms and kitchens. Slate is being used by architects in new and exciting ways. When you think Slate or Slasto you often think crazy paving from the 60's and 70's but have a look at the following Slate Design pictures before you make up your mind.


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